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    inside the Octagon - steps and tables

    AccessAble have worked with the University to produce guides to the different buildings and services on campus, with maps. The (small) images are very useful, including of entrances and internal locations, as is the information about opening times and parking etc. However, the descriptions are not always in autism-friendly levels of detail, as they try to cover physical impairments more than autistic needs, and not all buildings are covered by the guide.

    AccessAble Guide

  • Maps and Directions

    the word MAPS as scrabble tiles

    There is an interactive campus map for the whole university.

    For new/refurbished buildings, there can be more information available and in autism-friendly levels of detail.

    For example, the entry for 38 Mappin Street, where exams often take place and other events, has a full interactive floor plan and the ability to explore individual rooms.

    Maps and Directions website