Careers Service

This section will provide you with some information about how the University’s Careers Service can support you.


It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the University Careers Service early on in your degree so that you can start to access specialist information and advice to help you explore your options and start planning your career. 

How could this affect me?

The careers service is a place you can get confidential impartial individual support with anything related to planning or managing your career and transitions into employment, work experience or further study.

They support students at any stage of their time here and you can still use the service for up to 3 years after leaving university.

You can make an appointment with a Careers Adviser to talk about how to find out about and apply for work experience, part time jobs, summer or year long placements as well as career planning for when leaving university.

They run lots of different workshops – topics range from CVs/Applications/Interviews/Jobsearching as well as Networking, Job or placement in this country and abroad. Employers regularly come onto campus to run events for student (especially in the autumn semester); you can find out about events by going to MUSE/CareerConnect/Events.

You have the option to apply for an Careers E-mentor at the start of the semester and the Careers Service will try to match you to a professional who can provide you with email coaching focusing on opportunities and routes into a specific role, sector or profession that you’re interested in.

If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration, there are Graduate Case Studies available online for you to read.  The Careers Service is currently developing a resource of video and written cases studies to highlight the successful transition made by disabled students.

Specialist support from the Careers Service

Careers service staff are professionally trained to support autistic students. The support includes confidential advice about if, when and how to disclose information about your autism to employers and how to explain any ‘reasonable adjustments’ you might request during the recruitment process or in the workplace or further study.  If you’ve had any unexpected gaps in education or any of your exam grades were lower than expected, the Careers Adviser is able to support you to think about how you might explain this to potential employers.

For further information go to


Is there any specific help with job/work experience/placement searching?

  • All students have access via their MUSE to CareerConnect to book an individual appointment to support with job/work experience or placement search.
  • The Careers Service can be accessed both during and out of the university semester time, inlcluding during the summer vacation period.  Telephone or Skype appointments are avilable if you’re not in Sheffield during vacations but would like to access the service.

What to do next?

Making an appointment with a Careers Adviser

Practical tips

If you would like to make an appointment with a Careers Adviser, follow these steps:

  • To book an initial 20 minute appointment, log onto MUSE/Services/CareerConnect/Appointments  or phone or go to the service Edgar Allen House S10 2GW (corner of Gell St and Glossop Rd) or email Find the Careers Service on this map.
  • If you don’t think 20 minutes is long enough, when you contact the service to make an appointment, you only need to provide a brief explanation of why a 40 minute appointment woudl be a support.  For example, you could say that you access DDSS and have a Learning Support Plan in place.


Further information about the Careers Service can be found on their website.  They also have a page with advice and resources for disabled students.