Social group for autistic students

Any student who identifies as being on the autistic spectrum is welcome to attend the social group.


The social group is a regular session where you can meet with other autistic students and also share worries and concerns in a safe environment where everyone understands you and your autism. The group sessions are facilitated by Spectrum First Education Ltd.


Typically, a group meeting involves a time to share what your week’s been like; a discussion of some kind and some interactive games such as UNO, Articulate, Scrabble, for example. The group is facilitated by two or three people from Spectrum First Education Ltd who try to ensure that at least one of the facilitators is themselves autistic.


The social group meets during teaching times only but students make friends with each other and often meet up in smaller groups outside of group times. There is an online social group on a Monday evening, 5-7pm, and an on-campus group on a Tuesday, 5-7pm (the days can change each academic year depending on which day suits most of the students who attend the group). Please be aware that students attend only one of the groups, either on Monday or Tuesday.


If you are waiting for a diagnostic assessment for autism, the social group is a good place to find out from other students about their experiences of the assessment process.


You’re welcome to attend a group meeting to see if you like it.


Please note that the social group is not a therapy or support group, although there is an element of students supporting each other.


If you would like to attend the social group, email your Disability Adviser from the Disability and Dyslexia Support Service to let them know and they will be able to complete a referral for you to start attending the group. If you haven’t already accessed the disability service and don’t have a named Disability Adviser please email the service on


Please be aware that as the groups are very popular, there might be a waiting list to join a group.

What to do next?

For further information about the social group or to start attending, email your Disability Adviser (if you have one) or email the Disability and Dyslexia Support Service on